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      Men’s Shorts

      Make a bold fashion statement with Neiman Marcus’ selection of urban and hip men’s shorts. Our versatile collection includes cargo, denim, slim-fit shorts, and more. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or going on an outdoor adventure, Neiman Marcus offers you a multitude of choices.

      Our selection effortlessly blends youth culture with classic sensibility. Try one of our men’s twill shorts with stylish loafers to complete your beach outfit. The cargo shorts with front or back pockets come in handy during hiking. For a traditional look, solid colors, like khaki, white, navy, and olive are a must-have. Browse through our collection of men’s sweat shorts to keep you comfortable to and from the gym.

      Shop Neiman Marcus for a vast assortment of men’s shorts, and give your laid-back appearance a stylish twist.